What Is the Difference Between Acne Rosacea and Acne Vulgaris?

Acne Rosasea and Acne Vulgaris

Many people think that acne is exactly the same at all of those who suffer from it. They are so wrong! You must know that there are different forms of acne and 2 main types of it. The first important type of acne is Acne Vulgaris; the second important type is Acne Rosacea. These 2 forms of acne are extremely damaging to people’s skin; in order for you to understand this, you need to understand first the differences between those 2 types of acne that I was talking about.

Acne Vulgaris is a type of acne that affects most of the people whether they are adolescents or adults; it is the most common form of acne. Acne Vulgaris means those pimples that have white or black heads. Studies have showed that about 85% of people are affected by this type of acne until they reach their adult life. Because the main purpose of this article is to show the difference between Acne Rosacea and Acne Vulgaris we need to know next what exactly is Acne Rosacea.

Acne Rosacea is a severe type of acne because it can affect more portions of your body and not just your face. You will notice that this type of acne appears in the form of red spots; red spots are the result of the capillary that are trying to supply the blood.

That will lead to the aspect of redness which is the result of the fact that the capillary are dilated all the time because they want to allow blood to flow in the affected area. Acne Rosacea is not so damaging in the person’s physic but it can be painful because sometimes it affects the person’s self-esteem.

If you ask a dermatologist about the differences between the types of acne that I was talking about, he/she will be pointing out that Acne Vulgaris is more spread among people than Acne Rosacea. Also Acne Vulgaris affects adolscents more than adults. Acne Rosacea can be seen at any age group but it usually appears after the age of 30. Most of you know that acne affects women most than men but that is not a rule. Men can also suffer from both main types of acne that I was talking here.

Acne Rosacea and Acne Vulgaris Coclusions

If you ever wondered about the difference between Acne Rosacea and Acne Vulgaris it is better for you to ask your dermatologist instead of relying on sources that are not medically approved. If you want to treat your skin disease you must be sure that you seek and find the best assistance that you can because proper and correct information are very important when it comes to acne.

Treatment education is important to be made by a dermatologist before you start to treat your acne, whether it is Acne Rosacea or Acne Vulgaris. If you suffer from acne problems first step in treating it is to visit a doctor.