Generic Accutane

Isotretinoin is a generic Accutane.

In what cases this drug is prescribed?

Isotretinoin drug is prescribed for the treatment and prophylaxis of the following types of the acne disease: severe forms of acne – nodulicystic, conglobataacne with a risk of the appearance of scars acne which is not treatable by other types of therapydermatitis and common acne comedones

Despite the fact that the pharmacological action of this drug is invariable it helps to remove different types of acne and other skin diseases.

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How to take Isotretinoin pill?

All patients who decided to start the therapy by this strong drug are recommended to have a corresponding examination in dermatologist. The type of the disease must be studied and the condition of your skin must be defined, and it is necessary to find out how your body reacts to this medication.

The pills are taken orally with a full glass of water once a day, in the morning. It is better to take this remedy during meals in order to prevent the upset of the gastrointestinal tract. Depending on the severity of the disease each patient is prescribed an individual dose and frequency of the drug application.

It is necessary to take the drug until the complete improvement of the acne symptoms. Usually, the noticeable effect appears in already 2-3 months of the drug use. The maximal length of the uninterrupted treatment must not increase 6 months. Then it is necessary to make a break for 1-2 months, and then it is needed to restore the use of the pills.

Dose regimen

The treatment must be started from the low dose Isotretinoin – 20 mg.

The pill containing 20 mg Isotretinoin is well tolerated and due to the low dose the physician will be able to identify how sensitive your body to the active components of the drug is.

If this dose does not cause the side effects, it may be increased by two times

For severe types of acne it is possible to increase the dose up to 1mg/kg per day.

The maximal dose may be taken only for certain period of time.

In case of the renal failure the initial dosage should be reduced up to 10 mg per day.

In what cases the use of Isotretinoin is contraindicated?

Oral Isotretinoin is contraindicated in case of the individual intolerance of the patient of any medical components which are added into the pills. In these cases the drug must be replaced because the patient may have the side effects during its use.

It is also not recommended to start the treatment with this medication if you are going to become pregnant or pregnant at the moment. This remedy may affect the development of the fetus. Planning the pregnancy it is necessary to terminate the treatment minimum 3 months before the conception.

During the breast-feeding it is necessary either to refuse from the treatment, or use the bottle-feeding of a child.

Patients who have severe types of the disease of liver/kidney, benign or cancer formations must follow high caution.

In case of the hypervitaminosis by Vitamin A it is better to refuse from the treatment because this drug contains a big amount of this vitamin.

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