Acne Treatment Products

Of all the treatments that are involved in acne, the most popular and widely used are the over the counter treatments and this is because they are easily accessed and very effective as well. They are also much cheaper than that of their medical grade counter parts but they are on par with them when it comes to performance and results. The only thing with these treatments is the risk that you would have when you use a treatment that is not appropriate with your acne problems. That is why it is very important that you understand what the best acne treatments for over the counters are so that you would be able to avoid any problems with them.

There are a lot of over the counter products to choose from and this may prove to be a very challenging task. The best way to go around this problem is to know the status of your acne problems as well as the type of skin that you have. Here is a list of the best acne treatments for over the counter products that you should look for first:

Benzoyl Peroxide

Skin care products that have this ingredient are very effective in acne treatment, and they are also one of the most sought out over the counter products as well. Benzoyl peroxide is very effective in controlling the over production of sebum on the skin, but its main trait that makes it so effective against acne is its ability to neutralize the acne causing bacteria that is found on your skin.

Isotretinoin or Accutane

This is an over the counter drug that has been renowned all over the world for being a very effective antibiotic for acne. Of course this fame also comes with a lot of unpleasant stories, one of which is its high potential to cause dryness and scaling of the skin. Accutane Isotretinoin is much more potent than benzoyl peroxide and that is why it would be recommended for severe cases of acne such as cystic acne, but sometimes its effects are just too much for a person to take. When you do decide to take cheap Accutane always remember to find ways to moisturize your skin so that you would have a way to avoid getting it dry.

Salicylic Acid

This ingredient is also found on a lot of acne over the counter products, and it is also one of the most common and effective of them all. This ingredient is usually combined with glycolic acid and together they provide a way to effectively reduce the over secretion of sebum, clear the skin from dust and dirt, unclog any clog pores and tighten the skin to prevent it from happening again and most of all exfoliate the skin to promote a newer and fresher skin. The one detail that you should always look into when it comes to this product is the content of salicylic acid, 5% up is the recommended level of this ingredient to be very effective in treating acne.

The important thing to know when it comes to the best acne treatments for over the counter products are their ingredients. These ingredients would determine which type of acne treatment they are for and what skin type they are for.