Accutane Side Effects

You can find nowadays many products on the market said to cure acne condition, but as it happens with any type of treatment, one might work on a patient but may not work with another. Therefore it is always better to resort to the treatment merely after you know what exactly the type of acne is that you suffer from and then guided by your dermatologist reach for the correct product. One product that is known to work well with some types of acne is called Accutane.

One very severe manifestation of acne is nodular acne on which Accutane seems to give the best results, considering that any other acne treatment is not working with this special type. Because Accutane is known to present some severe side effects, it can not be purchased as an over-the-counter product, but rather under medical prescription. When your dermatologist prescribes this product you will be required to give your written consent of taking it being acknowledged over the risks that this product administration might incur.

One of the most dreaded Accutane side effects is birth defects when taken by pregnant women. This is why this treatment is totally forbidden for pregnancy cases. If it happens for a woman to be under this type of medication and becomes pregnant, then this treatment should be stopped immediately.

Another Accutane side effects is brought in by presenting mental problems where the thoughts of suicide are very often there. Many patients have developed depressive states of mind shortly after using Accutane, or even during its administration. Nevertheless, no proof has been brought to support this type of manifestation in patients taking Accutane, but it is good to be mentioned.

When your dermatologist prescribes this treatment for your acne you will receive a medication for no more than 30 days because after that you should consult your doctor to check on the overall state of your health.

While being consulted by the doctor you will be required to have some blood tests to make sure that the evolution of the treatment is going without any side effects occurring in the body system.

Accutane Side Effects – Preventions

Another thing that must prevent you from taking these medicines is the breast feeding. While being under Accutane treatment also avoid giving blood and do not take vitamin A supplements which have the same action of Accutane within your body and thus increasing the chances to develop unnecessary accutane side effects. A good idea would be to avoid staying in the sun or UV light because this medicine will make your skin be too sensitive to light.

The presentation of this medicine is in the form of capsules that should be taken two times per day, but this amount can vary with the severity of the acne condition.